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Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 HGTE ~Ferrari Munsterhuis~

17.269 | 2010 | Benzine | Automaat
       € 175.900,-

This very nice Ferrari 599GTB HGTE will be sold for our customer. The car was factory delivered with the HGTE Spec. A special color from Maserati was chosen for this car, Grigio Granito. The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano’s engine is a 65° V12 with a 5999 cm3 displacement that delivers a specific power output of 103 hp/litre. Its architecture was derived directly from the Enzo’s. A further development of the same engine, this time for track-only use, was used on the recent Ferrari FXX also. The basic architecture of the Enzo engine was retained (block, cylinder heads, sump and combustion chamber geometries) while new components and subassemblies were designed to yield high engine revs, significantly reduce weight and optimise its distribution, and yield a more compact power unit. Export price is Euro 164.900,- The factory options are: INTC - Internal colors NERO 8500 EXTC - External colors EXTRACAMPIONARIO CRPT - Carpets colors EXTRACAMPIONARIO ALBC - ALCANTARA BOOT CARPET NERA 9913 BAG2 - BAGS SET FOR REAR SHELF CCMD - CARBOCERAMIC BRAKE SYSTEM HAW1 - HEAT INSULATING WINDSCREEN HGTE - HANDLING HGTE INST - INSTRUMENT PANEL STRUMENTAZIONE COLORE GIALLO LOGO - 'SCUDERIA FERRARI' SHIELDS OFFP - PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF SYSTEM PAR2 - FRONT AND REAR PARKING SENSORS PNTM - MASERATI COLOURS GRIGIO GRANITO RSFE - FULL ELECTRIC SEATS SPEC - SPECIAL FEATURES For more information, please contact: Rik Hettema r.hettema@munsterhuis.nl Rob Slot r.slot@munsterhuis.nl Or call +31(0)742555370. U can also come by in Hengelo

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